Jane Robbins Kerr

Photographs, Paintings and Writing about the South


 Jane Kerr will be showing paintings at Spalding Nix Gallery opening on January 24, 2018



The work of Jane Robbins Kerr is includedhttps://soundcloud.com/onsecondthought/bringing-photos-back-to-their-roots

The Do Good Fund | Southern
Photography Initiative

Hallelujah Lady........discussed in a
recent Public Radio segment which talks about the Do Good Fund and the
work of Jane Robbins Kerr

Georgia Public Broadcasting..

Radio Interview about the Do Good Fund

Jane Kerr, The Hallelujah Lady

 Jane Kerr, Hallelujah Lady


 A recent Editorial by Birney Imes, in the Columbus Mississippi Dispatch. Article



"Instead of entering retirement, Jane Kerr has energetically
explored her present and past through creative writing, expressive
paintings, and both color and black and white photography. She has
studied with photographers, writers, and spiritual leaders (the late
John Daido Loori was influential as a photographer in addition to
establishing a famed Buddhist Temple.)
A native of Mississippi, for the last several years Jane has returned to the rural environment from
which she fled (or literally flew from as a flight attendant for Delta
Airlines) over 50 years ago. She has photographed extensively in her
native south.... " 
Bill Gillespie,Photography
Center of Atlanta


 Elvis Still Rocks the South, Jane Kerr